Paul Jr. Designs

We had the pleasure of being chosen to photograph 2 new bikes unveiled by Paul Jr at Sturgis this year.  The bikes were unveiled at two separate locations during the rally.  A bike built for Geico was shown first on stage at the Buffalo Chip and another bike unveiled at the Bikers Choice booth in downtown Sturgis.  Both bikes wheels were made by Renegade Wheels and Paul McKelvey of Renegade also shot both bikes : )  One of the shoots occurred in the middle of an impending storm that swept through the area one evening.  We managed to avoid the rain but got caught in a strong wind that whipped up a dust storm during the shoot.  Luckily no damage was done and we continued shooting until well after dark.  The storm clouds proved to be the perfect background for the bike.  The next day we accompanied the film crew as they shoot footage for an upcoming TV episode and later did the photo shoot on the Geico bike.


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  1. Your bikes are awesome. I wish you the best of luck, I also pray that one day that your Dad will see that no matter what his children are the most important things he ever had.

    1. Awesome bikes, haven’t seen any bikes look that good come out of o.c.c since Paulie left, getting back to the roots, no more of the computer generated designs( POOL), designs?

    2. Awesome Bikes!!! Giego Bike is insane!!!! That Is a Theme Bike something I have not seen in a long time on american choppers… Great Job guys and best of luck to you… If your ever going to toledo Ohio stop by the University of Toledo you have plenty of young fans who would like to see you!!!!

    3. I would have to agree on the bikes. I watched the shows last night to see the window world bike and the ds bike and thought they were very cookie-cutter. I would like to see the Paul Jr bikes on his website a little better but it is good to see bikes are rolling out his shop. Good luck to all of his crew!

  2. The bikes look awesome Paul and Vin . While Vinnie was away with his own shop he built some very Awesome bikes under his company VForce Customs. One he built for my company called Diamond P Chopper a Cancer Tribute Bike it has toured the USA touching hearts everywere it goes . Although iam glad to see Vinnie working with Paul jr i would hate to see his own fan base not know that He built some Awesome bikes under VForce Customs link to Diamond P Site shows the bike and all the events we have been too for Cancer Awareness This bike was painted by Justin Barnes JB Grafix’s with no holes barred on what would be a 16 color process of Silver leaf, Gold Leaf , and Irodesent base paint. Again happy to see the guys working together however Vinnie along with my whole team at Diamond P Chopper has been blessed to have had him build this one off Custom.

  3. Watched last thursday night choppers. It appears sr getting concerned about jr. why would he list his downfalls. that is PERSONAL things like whar sr does does not mend family ties. Even Mikey sr does not STOP. Even brings rick into it and that is not rick thing he just wants to work. Paul Jr. and Vinny D god COMBO will give that newburgh company something to worry about. need more advertisment and business to get involved with this start up compant. KICK SENIORS BUTT. He not the only game in town. Pete

  4. Congratulations Vinnie & Jr & Mikey too….. wonderful to see u all together again!!!
    I think TLC should follow your show and not any other!!!!

  5. Guys! That Geico bike looks like a true winner. It has all the looks of a kick ass bike should. good luck to yall and cant wait to watch in your success.

  6. I’m glad to see Jr and Vinni back together again. I can’t wait to see what the two of them have in store for us. I’m sure we’ll see some great bikes.


  7. Time for the boys Send Dad to Retirement Home

    OCC is no Fun with Paul JR Mikey

    It also Great to have Vinny Back

    Paul SR Reminded me of my Dad Thank god my is Dead..

  8. The two new bikes just goes to show how raw talent will kick the crap out of some little kid on a computer any day. Those bikes remind me of the stuff OCC used to build; not the cookie cutter crap they are building now. I’m starting to get real tired of hearing Sr. go on and on about how Jr. and Vin are going to fail. What kind of father does that to his kid on national TV?

  9. Nice job guys!!! There is no way senior is not going to be jealous of your AntiVenom bike. Its exactly what he wishes he could build. Hey TLC give these guys there own show please!!!

  10. Your bikes are awsome! One day your dad will realize what a mess he has caused!good luck with your company!

  11. Nice stuff.

    I’m watching Episode two of the new series, and it’s amazing to hear Paul Sr. talking like a megalomaniac. “He’s calling MY vendors” and what not. Are you kidding? Is he not allowed to go to the same coffee shop too?

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think I could work with Jr and his here one moment gone the next work style, but he does great work and doesn’t blame his problems on his kids, and spend the hour bad mouthing his dad.

  12. Great looking bikes!!! I really like the geico bike, the AntiVenom bike is cool too but a little too familiar. Keep things original and fresh

    1. Congrats Paul Junior.. Great Bikes and yes, you will succeed. your father is an ass, and if it wasnt for you, OCC would still be in that tin building making those “Old School” pieces of crap your dad only knows how to build. You have all the immagination and he left his on the road side a long time ago.. My whole family appriciate your kind heart towards Mikey, your a good Brother, and we are all glad you have Vinnie.. he’s great, one hell of a friend.

      Best Regards, and Good Luck…


    2. I agree with Mike geico looks really kool. And the anti venom bike does look familar to another red bike Jr has built.I was all hyped up about the anti venom bike, saw it first time today & was a lil disappionted cause of thr familiaty to the other bike I think Jr needs to come up with a bike that really put his designing out like the firebike did.Every one loved that bike. Thats My thinking! Can’t wait to watch u r own show. Does any one know when it’s going to come on?

      1. i agree, i was a little disappointed when he said he was doin another web bike BUT i think the only reason why he did it ( this will be his last one i bet) was because the widow was his baby, he loved that bike and was super proud of it, as well he should have been, that was ORIGINAL, and the problem is, his miserable father wont let him have the widow, so i think the anti venom was just closure for JR as you can see in the geico bike he is goin in new design direction, the gieco bike is DOPE

  13. I hope in the end, Sr will “Man UP” and be proud of his Son’s ability as a craftman.

    Jr. has his faults and is learning responsibility and accountability……and I wish Jr all the success of owning ones own business can provide.

    I think it sucks when a father points out his own child’s Fault on such a National platform…..Does Sr. even have a relationship with ANY of his Son’s ?

    Good Luck to the guys at Paul Jr. design…..if I was in the market for a custom bike…..Jr would get my business over OCC …….just my .02 cents !

    FREE RICK !!! gotta luv that…….Hell I want a T-Shirt !

  14. Awesome bikes!! Real works of art… I agree with the other statements that OCC’s little computer geek can’t compete with Paul Jr when it comes to design! I can’t wait to see what comes next!! Good job Jr!!

  15. Best to you Paul Jr. This wasn’t the easiest site to find. I’m sure TLC wants to make the unveil probably the show stopping entry to the NEXT season of Sr vs Jr. but I’m glad I could unearth them long before then. You can’t rely on that spider web motif though or else you’ll be known as a one trick pony. The web is is sexy as can be however!

    To Mikey I want to say TRY COMEDIC THEATRE/CHARACTER ACTING. Stand up comedy wasn’t for you but clowning is. I’m so surprised no director has pulled this guy for whacky commercials or movie spots where he can ham it up. Mikey is depressed as all hell because he hasn’t found his calling. The painting he tries to do and his attempt at standup are glimpses of his creative nature but he and no one around him seems to have nailed it in terms of the right place for him to make his own fortune. Not every male is made to build big machines. Join community theatre groups for some free or inexpensive acting classes and watch your life blossom. I hate to see him so unhappy. He’s great with kids and perhaps even Sesame Street/Muppet theatre genres types of performances for kids would right up his sleeve!

    Paul get a strong biz manager and take off!

  16. This message is to Paul Jr,I hope you take some time to think about the problems you are having with the Old man.Let me just say this,Paul Jr Your dad seems, as if he is always Pissed off at you or anybody as far as that is concern.He cannot go thru life being upset all the time,”He will fail” He will not last, There is no way your farther can go on like he has for the past 20 years,When someone is always mad everyday bad things comes from it. I KNOW, I just saw my youngest brother pass this past week due to always being Mad at the world. So if you want to be a bigger person, Go to your farther & tell him you LOVE HIM. Before it is to late.


  17. I’d buy a free Rick shirt!!!
    Anti-venom bike is sick, great thought to incorporate the original idea that brought you into the game. Geico bike is also tight, was never really a fan of the Big Business themed bikes or ballparks for that matter, this one looks killer.
    Great combo Jr. and Vin, Mikey provides his own muse.
    Good Luck guys, it’s unfortunate Sr. is so dissident.

  18. Jr made OCC, but SR has some life issues and seems to be he is not happy, so putting down his son is a way to make himself feel good, what is it with baby boomers and there disfunctional relationship, I think they are jealous of there kids success. I saw one JEALOUS man on new show, he is riding by his sons new shop, for what? I think that with Sr’s arrogant attitude and JR showing again what innovative designs he produces will bankrupt OCC and the computer geek, it is comical and I have never liked any Post JR OCC bikes, they all look the same, SR is known for being cheap, cutting corners, sometimes genius takes time, I understand JR when he takes his time, custom is not a race, thats why it is custom. Good luck JR, I hope OCC goes down..

  19. I am curious as to where Cody is? It looks like to me that Vinnie dumped him in order to get his face back on TV with Jr. I thought Vinnie was better than that. Poor Cody has gotten left out in the cold which is not cool after he gave up OCC to follow Vinnie.
    Come on Vinnie-why are you dumping the one guy who stood up with you to start V Force? Does the money and fame mean that much that you would crap on a good friend? It would seem like you would have fought for Cody to get a place at Paul Jr Designs and it would seem like Jr would have made a place for Cody-He did for Joe and Joe is about as worthless as they come.

    1. JC, according to what Vinnie has said on Twitter, V Force is still in business and Cody is there. Vinny is going to work with Paulie, but is going to keep V Force around as well. He didn’t elaborate, but I’m assuming with him spending a lot of time with Paulie, he needs Cody to run all the day-to-day stuff at the other shop and can’t afford to have him work with Paulie too.

  20. A while back Sr. said there are 2 sides to every story…I believe that there are 3 sides. My way, your way…..and what really happened. Now TV land makes us believe that Sr. is the bad guy, he may very well be…but editing is a beautiful thing 😉

    I would choose Jr. design over occ any day of the week and wish Jr the best of luck in his new adventure….If I had the dough Id get him to build me a bike!

    Never ever ever take your eye off the prize!! eat it, breathe it, live it !! You will find success and happiness, which is a rare combination.

    I also agree with a poster above Mikey should do some theater or spoof roles. That I would watch!

    Oh and the free rick t’s lolol where do I get one, make sure you guys email me when they are out I’m buying some for the whole family! lolol Gotta love it!!

  21. get back togeather as a family. sr is getting older and u never know how long you have to live. good luck to the both. the company got big to quick

    1. I agree. Sr getting older doesn’t really matter though. People can die unexpectedly at any age. Sr could lose one of his sons as easily as them losing him. Mikey is right that his dad needs to make peace with everyone. They ALL need to wake up. Mikey is slowly losing much of his spirit and humor because of this. Mikey has always been Sr’s favorite and it’s strange how he cannot see how much this has all affected Mikey.

  22. I love these bikes, I have to say at your Dad’s shop, once it started being computerized and done that way, it lost me, they weren’t the one of a kind bikes that were put out like, it seems like with these bikes it’s back..I think you are a great fabricator, designer, and Vin is the best too and the team seems very supportive for a it….wish parents could learn to build their children up instead of tearing them down at every turn, but if not keep doing what your guys are awesome..

  23. Can’t believe we actually get to see the first bikes so soon! thanks to whoever made it possible!
    Amazing work boys, you haven’t missed a beat!
    Here’s to hoping things can just work out for the best, whatever the best is…
    Personal issues aside…(because thats really none of anybodys business anyway..) I wish you the best of success and can not wait to see what the future holds.
    You guys are an inspiration…keep it up!

  24. Great work on showing the bikes. The way the show is building the “suspense”, they are trying to make it look like Jr. is being left out in the cold or something. One thing that bugs me on this show is that the camera angles most often show Jr. straight on and you can see straight into his nose…
    Hey camera men, raise the camera a bit!

  25. Great job guys. After seeing these bikes I don’t see any problems for y’all now.
    Bringing back Vin was genius. If Rick would join you that would be a killer.
    Also congrats on the wedding Paul, man you is lucky. Lookin forward to the show, best to all. Rob

  26. The name says it all Paul Jr. DESIGNS….these bikes are so amazing and we over here at SickApparel love the designs put into these 2 bikes Anti-Venom is such a great way to start it all off as it gets taken full circle & the Geico bike is off the chain with some real unique features that i know Paul Sr. never saw coming. Congrats and God Bless you guys.

  27. How could any father treat his son in such a childish manner, Sr. is a disgrace to fathers across the world, And quit whinning to the guys about your SON trying to use the same vendors, grow up and support him, how about asking if he needs help not hurt.

  28. Thank god that Jr, Vin and Mikie are back. OCC has been a boring hollow shell since they left.

    Snr describes the OCC crew as being ‘a family’…he is clearly confused by employees and family members and how they differ.

    OCC hasn’t put out a decent bike since the ‘interesting’ guys left, just plenty of shallow inuendo. Rick is the only OCC crew member who has been a gentleman. Watch the rest back-pedal as Jnr powers up.

    I’m looking forward to seeing Jnr build bikes the way they used to. This is the beginning of the end for OCC on TV and a no-win situation for Snr. I hope the money was worth it buddy…?!

  29. Free Rick. Jr,Vinney and Rick a good team and talented. Sr should retire and work on his weight lifting or wear a long sleeve shirt. I like the bikes revealed at Sturgis. Way to go PJD team.

  30. WOW! Your dad has cool tools, but dude, you’ve got TALENT……! Sorry that you have a dad that is such a narcissist that he forgot HOW OCC GOTO BE OCC. Wish you much luck, but think you’ll do just fine!

  31. Fantastic photos and absolutely awesome bikes. My personal opinion is that these bikes will remind OCC of the benchmark that you and Vinnie set years ago, and from which they have slipped from recently. Can’t even compare the bikes that OCC is designing now to these. Well done. WOW!

  32. Just Free Rick out of the hell @ OCC. This FATHER is just a jerk. By all the faults of Paul JR., the SR. must have seen that family always comes first.

    What father in the world will broke up with all his kids? I think it’s clear who person is the black sheep here…

  33. dear paul, great to see you back where you belong building bikes, and can i ask is vinnie with you doing the bikes. as you two are good togther, and you have been good friends for along time. and is there a chance that you could send me some photos of your bikes, as live in england and cant get to where you live. many thanks and good luck with the bikes. perry

  34. In the very near future OCC’s staff will come knocking on Jr’s door on their hands and knees looking for a job. If I am Paulie I would tell most of those back-stabbers to beat it!!!

  35. Yea… that is what we like to see! Great bikes again! Amazing talent, the cookie cutter is gone. Nice when it is the design and extras that make the bike and not just a great paint job.

  36. Those bikes look fantastic. Been watching the Junior v/s Senior. All I can say is that SR’s bikes all look the same. Jr’s bikes are truly one of a kind works of ART!

  37. like paul jr. show. when vinnie showed up that was great. hoping that mike gets serios with bike building that would help the company. run the business like a business and everything will fall into place.. could be the two shops merge and that will be dymanic??. good luck pete cap queensbury,ny

  38. Stopped watching American Choppers a while back, took it up again recently, and was very excited to see the Sr. V Jr. spots. Its sad to see how lackluster the OCC bikes have been lately. Frankly, they’ve been tacky parodies of the artistry represented with you on the design team. Although OCC has the advantage of brand awareness and scale, the style and innovation represented by Paul Jr. Designs will undoubtedly rekindle the creative flame that was doused when Paul Jr. left OCC.

  39. First off really badass bike in antivenom. It has classic good looks and just wicked as it gets. Good luck with the new company building bikes I would watch a show with only you guys b’cuz you’re starting from the ground up and it’s more interesting to see your determination than watch OCC going through the motions over there like zombies. I’m rootin for PJD.

  40. Sr. is looking pretty thin lately, and seems to be having allot of pain on the show.
    I hope they all reconcile before this ends sadly.


  42. Amazing bikes!!! Very impressed with the designs. That Anti-Venom bike awesome. Bikes at OCC starting going downhill after Paulie left. Excited that we get to see his take on bikes again. Vin great to see you again brother!! Wish you guys all of the best and we cannot wait to see your company grow. Expect that Paul Jr Designs will have better product offering very soon!1

  43. Paul Jr., Vinnie and MIke were the only reasons why I watched American Choppers. When I look at Sr. and his goons I laugh my ass to sleep. Why don’t we just get the bike build challenge going the suspense is killing me. Keep up the good work guys (Paul Jr. Designs) and those bikes were awesome.

  44. I hope everything works out between you and your dad… I know what you go through. Broke my heart and nearly hit the floor when it came down to you and him having to settle shares in court. Its hard to get along with someone that sees just his way or the highway… and then to restrain ones self and withdraw from the arguing…. You’ve come along way PJ! I hope and pray that you and your dad work things out, as well as Mikey, and Danny… Im also praying that you receive tons of contracts and shows… You and “V” rock! Who would have ever thought that you guys would ever be together again… Thats awesome! BTW… Hey Vin, will you keep “V”customs going??

  45. HI L.B.M.occ was a great bike show and then. all went wrong.all the great guys that made occ what it was just think back to the start jr mikey vinnie rick and the great paint guy yes nubs could you think of them paint jobs nubs did great.and now all gone. so now it is paul snr vs paul jnr what will happen ther who knows.i just hope one day things will work out. well you never know do you or do from me L.B.M.SEPT.1.2010.MANCHESTER ENGLAND.PS GOD BLESS OUR BOYS AND THE BOYS FROM THE USA AND THE LADIES TOO OVER SEAS.BRAVE EVERY ONE OF THEM.

  46. Can O.C.C. lower the bar any more without digging a ditch? Let’s review
    1. Some kind of redone Lugs bike with a likeness of Paul sr. hidden in the wheel….Ooooooo!
    2. A 189.00 windows bike….with real window mirrors…Are they serious?
    3. A welder’s bike with a welder’s helmet headlight…Wow! Now that is custom!
    4. “Meteorite Men” LOL! WTF was that? …ROFLMAO!
    What next a “Hover Around” tribute bike? Or maybe a chopped Fisher Price big wheel with a custom banana seat and real sissy bar….LOL!
    Meanwhile JR you are showing everyone how to be a loving big brother… how to be a class act while your father sues you…. Oh yeah lets not forget being a World Class Custom Bike Designer.

  47. Paul JR,Mikey and vinny, first of all I have to say your a great team, you guys were the heart beat of OCC, you created some awsome bikes. I see wonderful thins being created from your new venture. I’m sure sorry for the way your father actions towards his sons, no father should be saying nagatives things aobut his sons. keep up your positive thinking, Stay mature and keep it positive when it comes to your father.

    Best of luck to you all at Paul Jr design!!!

  48. Awesome!!! Love both bikes and creative designs oozing from the screen. Best of luck to you and your new shop. Appreciate your attitude towards your father Paul Jr. I hope one day he will give credit where credit is due.

  49. I can’t belive how SR can’t acknowledge the fact that JR’s talent and creativity kick started OCC. all their crap looks the same now. Good luck JR.

  50. Awesome bikes, jr’s design abilities are incredible. I just watched the unveling of the anti venom bike at sturges on youtube and when he brings everyone up cody is there. Still hasn’t shown on TLC though.

  51. AMAZING!!!!!!! so glad to see you ALL back. Jr definitely didn’t get his family values from dad. Your talent can not be denied. I agree, anti-venom is familiar, but think it blows all your others away. The Geico bike totally rocks too!!! Go team JR.

  52. Here’s how I see it,Paul Jr is a custom builder along with vinny…True Customs not computer
    generated junk! OCC better be careful,the evil Sr wishes on his kids ……Carma is going to BITE
    OCC Then they wish they had the ANTI-VENOM….LOL carful Sr I see you wishin in the future!!
    FREE RICK !!!!!!!!

  53. I agree with Marcos, and there are prob plenty of others who would agree. OCC got it’s kick from not only having a show on Discovery, but for the theme bikes JR was building.

    Couldn’t wait to see these two bikes on tv, so I googled it and ended up here. Sweet rides!

    Best of luck PJD!

  54. I’ve been a big fan of the Teutul clan for years (thanks to my husband introducing me to their show). They helped grow my love of bikes. I hated seeing Jr and Mikey leave OCC. This season is showing the true colors of all involved. Pauly, Vinnie, Mikey and the rest of the team rock. They work together without beating each other up and have produced two amazing bikes out of the gate. I too had to find pics of the bikes tonight. Awesome!!!! (Sr elated to see “pauly” blasted off the ramp – weak.)

  55. Awesome bikes Jr , looking forward to watching the build process on TLC over the next couple weeks. Senior brings more and more personal vendatta garabge up every week. He is obviuosly starting to feel threatened. It is ashame that the peronal issues complicate business matters so often. By the way glad to see Vinnie is back. He was always one of the more sincere and a “real down to earth” people in the show.

  56. Glad to see you designing bikes not bar b ques The bikes look awesome I hope you patch things up with your dad One day you guys might regret what happened between you two Anywho glad to see you back and keep waking people go WOW

  57. After watching the latest shows, I am starting to dislike SR. The Great Angry Whiner! Jr. your bikes are insane! OCC isn’t putting out bikes like that at all! Like the atmospere at Paul Jr. Design, no more yelling is great!

  58. i pretty much stopped watching this show when jason poole entered the scene, this kid is the biggest tool goin, doesnt know a damn thing about mortorcycles, all he does is draw on a web program. GAY!. now i dont like ALL the bikes paul built at occ but his ideas were original, and he had to make the client happy. hes obvioulsly not great mechanically but hes got great fab and metal working skills and his vision are very good. the geico bike shows that, the damn thing floooows, the anit-venom is nice too buti think it was more of a closure bike for him seeing that miserable prick of a father wont let him have the widow, which was a dope bike and very original when he did it. i think jr lost all interest when jason poole came on the scene and all these designs were computerized, thats not the way jr operates, hes old school. hes better off on his own.

    1. I LOVE the bikes Jr. designed and he and Vinnie built. Also glad to see Nubby back helping out. Sr. has been an ass.

      One thing I would ask is to keep it original. Remember, you are Paul Jr. Designs. How about doing some custom car or street rods. With your design skills and Vinnie’s mechanical background, you can pull it off. It will show that you are not just a custom bike shop, but a custom design and fabrication shop.

      Keep up the great work.

      1. Man you really are misguided. Jr. has very little design skill, look at that pathetic BBQ, just sad. Sr. and jason will kick ass.

  59. I started watching this show only since about July and i’m totally hooked. I really hope Paul Jr designs takes off and takes the top spot as best bike building shop. The show hasn’t been the same without Paulie @OCC, but seeing Paulie and Vinnie grow this company from scratch will keep me watching.
    Wish u guys all the best……….. from Jamaica (home of the world’s fastest man)

  60. Love the Bikes guys, the Geico bike is pure class it flows like it was designed by divinity. Jr you rock that Knob Jason poole the guy thinks he is so special now hes snr’s new son ROFL.. seriously take him down an street and put that idiot straight, that jason ruins the show for me now i just want to punch the tool.

    Glad Vinne is back on the scene i always said you two were made to build bikes together all we need is Rick and OCC will be a thing of dust kicked up by Jnr Designs.

  61. Rear fender, tank, and paint scream “Geico”. Low profile, small footprint, slithery front-to-back feel… the bike is a perfect rep for the company.

    Client has to be pleased. The job is as much about branding as it is design. In terms of doing one to achieve the other, there’s an obvious leader in the field… and it ain’t even close.

    Nice work!

  62. good luck paul jr!! nice to see you back making bikes. to bad you have to share the show with that JACKASS FROM OCC it is good to see you and big vin and mikey working together. someday paul sr will see how stupit and foolish he looks on the show bad mouthing you and mikey.

  63. Unfortunately there are people in this world that thrive on conflict and negativety. Sr fits that bill to a tee. So what if Jr takes a long lunch or comes in a little late. He’s the head designer. He knows the deadline of a build. I’ve seen every episode and not once has Sr said he proud of Jr’s designs. Instead he just cracks the whip and bitches about his kids on national TV. Now all he has left is a computer geek,fancy machinery,a bunch of bike tech drones kissing the fat wallet on Sr’s ass,and Rick.Who is the only talent left in the building. Hopefully Rick will jump ship and join Jr. Sr is too stupid to realize that the constant bashing of his kids is only going steer potential customers to the genuine talent of PDJ’s. So in a way Sr is great advertisement for Jr. Rock on Jr!

  64. This is to jason over at OCC. Can someone please buy him a supply of chapstick cause if he keeps up his game of kiss ass to Paul Sr. hiss lips will need it. Also u need to realize u r an ass

  65. its like everyone else has said i think the andti-venom was just a closure for him it was nice but too many web theme bikes… i think if the colors where different it would’ve looked better … the light color killed it for me.. but the bike itself and the craftsmanship its excellent…now for the geico bike.. weee… dont know where to start.. from the low stance look to the fenders … just looks so sexy… !!! OCC will never be able to create bike like that.. so to jr wish you the best of luck.. i follow your show every thursday…andhope tlc gives you your own show.. you deserve it…. and you got a great team dont be like sr and take them fro granted.. ps thanx for being a good brother to mikey.. from NYC!

  66. Junior’s bikes = Magic colors, innovative design, with flawless fabrication and true artistic merit.

    OCC = Might want to seriously consider aligning themselves with John Deere! Hey Senior, I hear JD are looking for a new manure spreader design?!!!

    The best to Junior, Vinnie, Nubs, & Mikey from your pals here in Eastern Canada!

  67. Jr You ROCK , Keep the Faith , Gog knows your heart .
    The bikes are what a custom bike are surpost to be CUSTOM
    not a computor drawn bunch of grapics.. So long Jason .

  68. jr bikes are the best dont know why but keept watching the show after sr fired jr they made the crappiest bike so cheap its like lets make them fast cheap and ugly for a 70,000 buck bike get real jr likes to make it as original as possible if i was to pay that much i want all hand made not a machine jr make real american bikes sr makes made in china crap

  69. hi paul jr i luv your bikes very creative and artistic. if it wasnt for u your dad wouldnt touch any theme bikes. you put occ on the map your dad owes u half of everything and a appology. you have a screwed up family like me. god bless u your a good man and if i had the money to build a bike id have u build it for me your the best around thanx kevin

  70. Im sure the the guys at O.C.C are reading these comments and just want to add that this whole argument is stupid and not worth losing family.

    I am definitely on Paul Jr’s side here and also work with family and we too have O.C.C type arguments but never ever let it fester the way this has been festering.

    By Law i reckon Paul will get his fair share of cash for his 20% before O.C.C goes utterly bankrupt and old dad needs to know that he owes all of his current fortune to Paul Jr,Vinnie and even Mikey for being so entertaining to watch.

    Jason acting like Paul Jr in one of the episodes really pissed me off and old dad laughed with him as he mocked his own son.
    He is such a bully too!
    Does anybody notice the way he enforces everything to get his own way and we he doesn’t get it, or hates what he hears from somebody, he throws his toys out of the cot like a spoiled little steroid addict?

    O.C.C’s logo was designed by Paul JR so the fact that he even uses it amuses me and proves yet again that he will never reach the fame he was used to with the family and the fans that put O.C.C there.

    PAUL SR if you read this, just know that i followed the show from day 1 and did hours of research into your family history and heard many accounts of how poorly you treat people so change now or die a lonely man.

    All that cash and your huge O.C.C building still leaves you miserable so there is my proof that you are wrong!



  71. Jr. needs to get some original ideas or he is through. At least the old man had a good work ethic. Jr. is the original spoiled brat and forget his fat slob brother.




    1. I would be proud to call this young man my son! He’s never spoke bad about his father. Yes, Paul senior gave him life but Junior is the one who took his life and made something out of himself! He’s a wonderful young man and I would be honored to have him as a son…

  73. Great bikes Paul, What is up with your Dad ? He just don’t get it! He don’t understand that by doing the things he does he is putting a bigger wedge in your relationship does he? But family aside, you and Vinnie build better bikes than OCC could do on their best day! Hang in there I am rooting for you all. Thomas

  74. Like many fans I enjoyed watch the show from the beginning .. pjd you rock with your first two bikes and occ hasn’t been the same since u left they don’t know the meaning of original …paul jr u have that gift of seeing things as u create them in your head …wish u guys the best in the future of your company … hope some day u get ur own show ….take car guys ….

  75. I wonder if all the people on here crying about jr’s work ethic have given any thought as to what he had to face whenever he was at work. When’s the last time you were fired up about being on time or whatever for a job where you got yelled at for no reason and treated like crap the whole time? Sure we all face jobs that aren’t perfect, but I doubt most of us have had to face what jr. faced, esepcially from his own dad, on a day to day basis. Just something to think about, for those siding with sr. on this whole thing, I have to say, you people are insane and heartless. What kind of father fires his son, takes him to court, berates him and destroys an effigy of him on national tv? Sr. cares more about his dog gus than his own family and that’s ludicrous, absolutely ridiculous. The man spends entire episodes ragging on his own flesh and blood, playing the victim…victim of what?!? untold millions? being able to do anything you’ve ever wanted to do, ever? I doubt I’ll ever get to go to Australia, or any of the other places sr’s been, dude is hideous and he’s married? I guess that’s part of being a victim nowadays, being a millionaire, having anything you ever wanted etc. What a joke.

    Just admit it Sr, your kids built your success, you may have started it, but without their help you’d be just another annoying musclehead who builds average bikes, your kids made your product and your company stand out, not you by yourself, but you with your family’s help. Get over it already, times have changed since you started working back in the 1800’s, talk to your kids, save your family.

  76. The sad thing really is that they all played their parts well, Sr. is clearly a good business man, Jr. did great designs, Mikey is a lot of entertainment and a rather good artist (and Vinny and Rick actually made the stuff real).
    The other sad thing is that each of their weaknesses are what killed the business: Jr.s lax work habits, Sr.’s inflexibility and anger, and Mikey’s drinking.

    Lets face it, even since he started the new business, Jr.s ‘time management’ weakness has caused problems. It’s no doubt that if Sr. could just relax and realize that his son made him a millionaire, even coming in at 10am (and staying till midnight when he had to), and stop mocking his kids, he’d still have a family and his business wouldn’t be on the way down. Most importantly, because it’s not just about money but his life, if Mikey can stay sober and keep up his art and ‘marketing’ prowess, they’re all set.

    All in all, I love seeing Vinny again, and enjoy the people even more than the bikes. That’s why it’s so annoying to see poor Rick among all the people sucking up to Sr, and badmouthing Mikey and Jr. Keep rocking in the free world, boys!

  77. Hello paul jr. I just one of many fans of Portugal.
    Too bad they have never been to Portugal. but their bikes are 100% radical. and yes. only now they will eat the season. but I believe it will be a great spectacle. ja aborecimento pitied and not see you working on motorcycles. good luck. Marco Santos


  79. Did anyone notice how ‘Lee’ supposedly ‘had a fight with Paulie’ because Paulie said ‘I own you’ and Lee said ‘nobody owns me’ but when he went to suck up to paul sr., Sr told him to come help him clean up his lawn? If that wasn’t insulting enough, when lee said ‘ok fair trade’ sr. added ‘bring me breakfast’.

    Yea, sounds like Lee was definitely standing up for his dignity, and not just taking sr.’s $1000.00 per day NOT to work for Jr.

    What a douche.I tried to go to his new LSD (Lee Stamper Designs) web site and say so, but he’s such a douche that he’s using bootleg software to run his website, so you can’t even use the ‘contact us’ form.

  80. Senior should get his head out of his ass and stop being a jackass to his kids

    also let PJD have rick and the bikes he built you fuckin jack ass senior

  81. mikey was the best i like how he made everyone laugh i just mad what sr did and how he treated Pj and mikey like crap what kind of father does that to hes own kids cause i rember when the show ended because of how sr fired vinnie then cody im just glad that Pj left O.c.c and Sr crap because you saw how Sr never did anything or would get off hes butt to help but sat in hes office more while going on off everyone i would laugh if Pj got Sr building then gave Sr low pay thats what i think Pj should do if he had the building while Sr was working for him lol but i no Pj would like to see that if it does happien lol but only why no one wants Sr bikes cause they want Pj bikes more and you see how they want 2 from him and Sr is just jelouses because Pj builds all of the cool bikes thats why Sr cant take it but im glad to see you back vinnie cody you guys rock always been my faviot fan and will always be

  82. i rember when i watched the show and how this lady seid somthing to Jr how she dident like Sr or didnt want a bike from him cant rember the words but i rember her having him build her the 2 bikes if i had the money i wouldent mind him doing me 3 cause of how pj is my fan and if Sr tryed to give me one i wouldent take it but i dident like how he treated hes kids but im just glad that Pj was there for mikey i wish mikey was my bro to but im just glad that Pj isent with O.c.c but if he does get rick i no he would be in a better place to i rather not see O.c.c anymore but would rather see PJD on Descovery cause when i rember Sr and how he yelled at everyone was he not drinking ? or does he have a drinking problrem what he sounded like and for him yelling he should had stepped out more then lay in hes office should had went to anger mangment and if would done that O.c.c would had been still making money but isent because of Jr not there glad he dont have to listen to Sr crap anymore and what hes got to say but i no PJD rocks O.c.c anyday

  83. Love jr, vinnie, mikey & rick. The rest like sr, jason, odie etc. Are two-faced creeps. Sr has mental problems. Bad excuse for a father and a human being. It is killing him that his sons do not want anything to do with now & are not kissing up to him. Go jr & do not go back to occ & put up with that crap.

  84. Glad to see your back to doing what you do best
    just keep your head down and dont take notice of people from other bike building companys
    your work is miles better now you dont have to sit in front of a computer with a lunatic drawing plastic looking bikes

    best of luck to you and all your people

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